Call to Action: Hold Ed Buck accountable

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Dear Community,

The AMAAD Institute (Arming Minorities Against Addiction and Disease) is committed to providing support to help individual overcome, recover, and manage their lives free from drugs and alcohol.

On Monday, January 7, upon the shocking news of another Black man found dead in the West Hollywood, Calif. home of prominent Democratic donor Ed Buck, the AMAAD Institute was compelled to respond with a call to action.

We are encouraging all community members to call and/or email all relevant elected officials to seek justice in this matter. Feel free to copy and paste the following language:

I am a concerned citizen and am very disturbed about the apparent lack of accountability surrounding the death of two Black gay men in Los Angeles, California at the home of Ed Buck. Our community insists that you make a statement regarding your thoughts about the facts that Ed Buck was present in his home when both of these men were killed, and circumstantial evidence should be taken into account. Ed Buck should be held accountable.

Call and e-mail the following:

Senator Kamala Harris:
Telephone: (310) 231-4494 or (202) 224-3553 
L.A. County Sherriff Alex Villanueva
Telephone: (213) 229-1700

 Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti
Telephone: (213) 978-1028  

West Hollywood Mayor John Duran
Telephone: (213) 229-1700  

Our community still had not processed the lack of action surrounding the death of Gemmell Moore found in 2017, and now another. Many have been quick to say that the circumstances related to the deaths of these men are not about race or sexual orientation, but only about drug use and the victim’s behavior, but the AMAAD Institute recognizes that race, sexual orientation, and power dynamics are all co-factors in how these cases are being handled.

We also recognize that we cannot quietly sit by as the criminal justice and law enforcement systems do nothing. 

We believe that if justice is to eventually prevail, our community must apply more pressure to those in a position of power and influence. 

We believe Ed Buck should be brought to justice.

Your phone calls to the above elected representatives is how. Please take just a few moments to express your concern and see that justice happens.  Your voice matters.

The mission of the AMAAD (Arming Minorities Against Addiction & Disease) Institute is to help people live, learn and develop to their fullest potential.