Dale Hughes, is the Amaad Institute office Manager who works closely with the administrative staff coordinating the office, also he is a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor. 

Christopher Webb is the Outreach Specialist for the AMAAD Institute. He has lived in Los Angeles since 2012 and can’t find himself to leave.  He has a deep passion for my youth and the LGBT community because he believes there are many barriers and he would love to be the one to help break them down. 


Kenneth is the housing manager at AMAAD's House of Resiliency (HOR) where he oversees, manages and engages with transitional housing occupants.  He is very warm, welcoming and community oriented.  His ongoing love and compassion keeps occupants motivated and empowered to re-engage and be ready to re-enter society.  



Program Coordinator


Arming Minorities Against Addiction and Disease​

Gerald Garth currently serves as Manager of Policy, Training, & Operations. In his role, Gerald develops, implements, and evaluates processes, policies, programs, and strategies to address the uniqueness of the Black experience, particularly among youth, LGBTQ, and other underserved communities through trainings, policies, advocacy, and team oversight.

Kenneth Martin

Housing Manager 



​​Carl Highshaw is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the AMAAD Institute.  He has more than twenty-years of nonprofit program and administrative management experience.  Prior to establishing the AMAAD Institute, Carl served as the Deputy Director of In The Meantime Men’s Group and was responsible for developing and implementing its rapid HIV testing program as well as overseeing the administration of various health education and risk reduction programs targeting gay men of color.  In addition, Highshaw previously served as a Contract Program Auditor in the Capacity Building Unit of the County of Los Angeles Division of HIV and STD Programs, and he has also worked as Administrative Director of Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride and Director of Community Outreach and Education for Los Angeles LGBT Center.  Carl completed his Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from Washington University in St. Louis and his Bachelor of Psychology from Western Illinois University. Carl has received Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Certification from L.A Training Institute for Drug and Alcohol Counseling as well as Human Resources Management Certification from California Statement University-Dominguez Hills.  Carl Highshaw is currently pursuing a Doctor of Social Work (DSW) and anticipants completing his degree requirements by 2021.


Jamar Moore serves as the Policy and Training Coordinator.  He has a wealth of knowledge about Public Health, HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment, PrEP and PEP services and accessibility, along with a decade of experience in management, leadership and community outreach.  He has a passion for youth, the LGBT+ Community and serving others.   



Manager of Youth

& Programs



Anthony Singleton

Health Education &

Outreach Coordinator 


Darnell Green, a native of Cleveland, Ohio who has a passion for youth mentorship and community building within the LGBTQ community of color.  Darnell believes that it is our “civic duty to stand in the gap for people who are underserved.”   He takes great pride leading the fight for youth health and wellness at The AMAAD Institute.


Jamar Moore

Policy & Training Coordinator



Carl Highshaw,


Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO),

Executive Social Worker 


Meet Anthony from Chicago, IL. Anthony is a 28-year-old basketball junkie who also composes music, when he’s not in school or work. At the age of 18, Anthony got involved in the LGBT community as a health educator. Ten Years later, Anthony is still fiercely committed to serving the community in any way possible. Anthony coordinates both leadership and social groups at the AMAAD Institute. 


Nina Barkers is the Program Coordinator for the Amaad Institute. She has been serving the LGBT community for over 8 years ranging from (HIV prevention, counseling, linkage, education and advocacy). In this position she orchestrates  overall program execution, communication engagement and coordination of events. She is grateful for the opportunity to keep elevating the culture she represents.




Outreach Specialist




     Manager of Policy,

Training, and Operations



Office Manager