Provide living role models of LGBTQ people of color and to create and maintain community.

Don't Rain On My Parade: Unveiling the inner slut: This kickback will be about sex positivity and embracing the various forms we find pleasure! Our kickback is Thursday April 12th from 4:00- 6:00pm! See you there!

Chat & Chew- Let's Keke: Get ready for laughs and real talk as our panelist tackle various topics- from celebrity gossip to sexual health. Enjoy free food and drinks and get the latest from your very own lgbtq community! 


Paint the City Red: Black Women for Wellness, The Los Angeles Wellness Station in partnership with The AMAAD Instititute and CHPRC, are hosting "Paint the City Red", a sip and paint event created for women ages 21-29. This event will highlight topics specific to policy, prevention. and empowerment for women of South Los Angeles while enjoying craft cocktails and an original painting. Come be empowered and "Paint the City Red". 

"What AMAAD is seeking to do is near and dear to the organizers, because this is where we spend our daily lives.  This is where we do our sleeping, our shopping, our socializing.  We are not going "into" South LA, we are already here."

Carl Highshaw, MSW

Archived Events

Arming Minorities Against Addiction & Disease


AMAAD is committed to highlighting and celebrating healthy living and affirming LGBTQ men and women of color.

Lost & Lit: It's fun to go out on a Friday, Saturday, or even Sunday!  But, what happens when the joys of the dancefloor, club lights and music begin to get old? You start seeing the same people at every venue you go to or you notice it is beginning to affect aspects of your personal life (finances, relationships, career etc.)  Is there such as thing as “over partying”? Join comedian/actor Herby Moore II as we a talk about the various ways to turn up or be “lit”! There will be food and refreshments and the event is FREE! All you need to bring is YOU! Our F3 Kickback starts at 7 pm!


Develop community-based peer driven recovery support networks for LGBTQ people of color in South Los Angeles.